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Find available meeting spaces

Condeco Outlook add-in for Exchange Sync

How to find a meeting space using the Condeco Outlook add-in 

Create an Outlook event and launch the Condeco add-in
  1. Open a new appointment, meeting, or event in Microsoft Outlook. Set the date and time for your meeting and add the attendees. 
  2. Click the Condeco icon from the Microsoft Outlook ribbon or the Outlook Web Access (OWA) menu to launch the Condeco Outlook add-in. Learn more about starting the add-in.
About the search results
  • Order of results: Available meeting spaces on your preferred floor are shown at the top, followed by available meeting spaces on other floors, prioritizing the floors adjacent to your preferred floor first.
  • Space capacity: Only meeting spaces accommodating the number of on-site attendees are listed in the search results.
  • Attributes: Only meeting spaces offering all the selected attributes are listed in the search results. Learn how to select attributes
  • Groups: The search results show meeting spaces from all groups you have access to.
  • Book or Request: Self-managed meeting spaces display a Book button and managed meeting spaces requiring approval display a Request button. Learn more about booking or requesting a meeting space
Change the search criteria
  1. Click the Edit button at the top-right to:
    1. Change the search location, the preferred floor, or select a specific workspace type. Learn how to change search defaults
    2. Select attributes required for the meeting space. Learn how to select attributes
  2. Click Search to return to the search results.
Book or Request 
  1. Click Book to select a self-managed meeting space that can be booked immediately, or Request to select a managed meeting space requiring approval. Learn more about Book or Request a meeting space

Find alternative spaceTo change the booked meeting space, click Find alternative space under the currently booked meeting space. Other available meeting spaces in the same location as the original space are offered and the spaces on your preferred floor are prioritized. The Edit option is disabled when searching for an alternative space

Add another space (multi-room bookings)
  1. Click Add another space if you want to add another meeting space(s) to the booking.
      add-in multi 01.png
  2. Condeco searches for another available space meeting your original search criteria. Do not adjust the date, time, or duration when adding meeting spaces. The following search criteria can be changed:
    1. Set the number of attendees the additional space must accommodate. 
    2. Click Edit to change the location and preferred floor, select a specific workspace type, and/or choose attributes, as required.
  3. Click Book or Request to select the additional meeting space.

Repeat the steps to add more meeting spaces to the booking.

When adding meeting spaces to a booking, do not adjust the date, time, or duration of the booking. We do not recommend adjusting the date, time, or duration when adding another meeting space. If you adjust the time and the original meeting space added to your appointment is not available at the new time, it will reject the meeting invitation. If you need to adjust the time, remove all meeting spaces from the appointment before adjusting.

Finalizing the booking 
  1. The meeting space(s) are set as the location for your meeting and the room mailboxes are added to the attendee list on the Outlook event. Click Done to close the Condeco Outlook add-in.
    add-in multi 02.png
    The booked meeting space(s) are added to the Outlook calendar event
  2. Add the meeting details and any other requirements in the Outlook appointment. Click Send to send the invite to the attendees.

Invitations are sent to the attendees and the meeting space mailbox(es). The meeting space(s) replies via email to confirm the booking.