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Booking grid for personal spaces

The booking grid shows personal spaces in a calendar format. Use the booking grid when you know exactly which personal space(s) are suitable when booking for yourself or for someone else, or you are not concerned with specifics such as attributes.

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The number of days visible on the grid depends on your organization’s configuration.

How to book a personal space from the booking grid

Follow the steps to book a personal space using the booking grid for personal spaces on Condeco on the web. 

web ps book grid 01.png
    Book a personal space directly from the booking grid

  1. Click Booking grid from the Personal spaces menu.
    • Optional: Select an alternative Location, Group, and Floor from the drop-down lists at the top.
    • Optional: Choose a specific Workspace type from the drop-down list at the top.
  1. Personal spaces are listed on the left of the grid along with their status. Click the date on the grid for the personal space you want to book.
  1. The pop-up booking form opens with the selected time slot highlighted.
    • Optional: Click any additional dates you would like to book. All selected dates are highlighted. Click again to deselect.

web ps book grid 02.png
    Booking form showing two dates selected for the booking

If your organization has limited the number of days you can work in the workplace per week or per month, your remaining booking allowance is shown above the calendar and is adjusted as dates are selected or deselected.

  1. Booking for someone else? If you are not booking the space for yourself, tick the option under the calendar and follow the steps in Book a personal space for someone else.
  2. Click Save and Close to confirm the booking.

If booking a personal space for the current day in a location that requires self-certification, you must self-certify before the booking is confirmed. 

    Book a personal space directly from the booking grid

Cancel a booking or team day reservation from the booking grid

To cancel a personal space booking when it is no longer required, or to cancel space reservations made for a team day, click the X in the top right corner of the booking tile on the grid.