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Eptura Knowledge Center

Navigating the Knowledge Center

Welcome to the Condeco Knowledge Center! Read on for tips and tricks to get started and find the information you need quickly. 

About the Condeco Knowledge Center

Articles in the knowledge center are organized by the type of user you are, to help you quickly drill down to the appropriate content. For example, if you want to learn how to use Condeco apps and products, head to the End-User Guides. Day-to-day administrators who manage bookings and resources will find useful guides in General Administration. System admins and developers will find technical information and configuration material in Configuration and Development.

Condeco knowledge center home page

End-User Guides

Navigate the end-user guides by the module you want to explore, for example, meeting spaces or personal spaces. Or navigate by product - Condeco mobile app, Condeco app for Microsoft Teams, etc. If you're new to Condeco or a particular product, head to the Getting Started section to see how to install tools, set up your profile, and learn about the fundamentals of Condeco workspace booking.

Condeco guides for end-users

Inside a category, you'll find a handy index to help you find the steps or modules you need. 


On some pages,  you can click a main topic to see a more organized structure of the sub-topics.



Use the Search field at the top of each page to quickly find what you need. You can narrow down the search further by selecting the article type/category you are looking for. To search more precisely, try enclosing your search text with quotes ( " ).

Breadcrumb Navigation

When you have drilled down to the article level, you can easily return to the user guide by using the breadcrumb path at the top of each page. 


Navigation menu

Navigate articles and guides from the menu on the left. Click the menu iconclipboard_ec2649fb28e62923ee0d2b6b13def68ae.pngon the left of the breadcrumb navigation bar to hide or reveal the index. 


Categories index

Quickly navigate to specific categories from the index at the bottom of each page.



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