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About the Condeco Wayfinder

The Condeco Wayfinder helps people navigate their way to meeting spaces located on a floor and is usually displayed on a large screen in a centralized location such as a reception area or lift lobby.

Multiple instances of the Wayfinder can be created. Each Wayfinder is configured for a specific floor at a location and displays either a list of meeting spaces and their availability or a list of bookings and the checked-in status. Arrows on the screen direct the employee or visitor to the space booked for the meeting they are attending or to spaces immediately available for ad-hoc meetings.

The Condeco Wayfinder runs from a web browser. A small form factor PC with internet access can be used when connected to a TV screen or a large monitor.


To set up the Condeco Wayfinder you will need the following:

  • Your Wayfinder URL. A unique URL is provided with your Condeco Wayfinder license. Contact Eptura for more information.
  • A Condeco forms account with Global Admin permissions applied. SSO is not supported for the Wayfinder admin account.
  • Small form factor PC running the OS of your choice
  • Chromium based web browser (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge preferred).
  • Large monitor or TV screen.

Display your logo and background

Contact Eptura Support to find out how to display your own logo and background on the screen.

Supported dimensions: Logo 230x55px | background 1920x1080px.