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Create a group and set permissions

Before you start

Before creating a group you must create a location. Learn how

How to create or edit a group

Duplicate an existing group: To start a new group with the same settings, email templates, and rules as an existing group, create a duplicate group. Learn how

  1. Navigate to Application Setup > Groups.
  2. Click the Specify a country drop-down and select the country for the new group.
  3. Click New Group or select an existing group to edit.
  4. Refer to the table and complete the fields for the new group.
    Group fields Description
    Group Name Enter the name of the group.
    Type Select the type of resource that the group will manage – Meeting spaces/Personal spaces or Delivery Point.
    Group Mapping Contact Condeco support for further details and guidance on how to restrict user access to groups, utilizing SQL scripting along with Active Directory groups, or alternatively, using the HR feeds tool.
    Default permissions See below.
  1. Default permissions: Define how users can interact with each other’s bookings. Permissions are applicable to users only, global and group administrators will have full access rights.
    Default permissions Description
    Can view Allow all users to view the group. If unticked, only users who are members of this group will be able to view it.
    Make bookings Allow users to select and create a booking. If this is not ticked the group becomes a Restricted Group and is only bookable by users who have been granted explicit permissions to it. Learn more about restricted groups
    View other users’ bookings Allow users to view details of bookings created by others.
    Edit other users’ bookings Allow users to edit bookings created by others.
    Delete other users’ bookings Allow users to delete bookings created by others.
    Allow managed access to other admins Enables group administrators to manage bookings made by other administrators. Not applicable for personal spaces
    Hide meeting space name from user Hides space names from search results, Book a meeting space, and the booking/advanced grids. Not applicable for personal spaces
  1. Click Save.