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Notify contacts

Notify the potential contacts of a user who has reported sick with a tailored message on their Today page. Notifying the users also cancels their bookings and mandates remote working for the next 14 days.

How to notify affected users

Set a notification to display on the Condeco Today page for all users who appear on the Contact Tracing Report.

  1. Navigate to User Management and enter the user’s name in the top-right search box. Click the user to open their profile.
  2. Click Contact report to view the potential contact points of the user with colleagues, visitors, and Condeco screens. Select a date range and click Continue.
    admin contact 02.png
  1. Click Notify all users.
    admin contact 05.png
  1. Enter the message to display as a banner across the top of the affected users' Today pages. 
    Optionally, enable the option to set the users to work remotely for a defined number of days. This will delete their personal space bookings for the number of days specified.
    Tap Notify.
    admin contact 06.png
  2. The message is displayed in a banner across the top of the affected users’ Today pages. 
    web today banner.png