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OTA (over-the-air) updates

Condeco desk booking screens must be on release 8.1.34 or above prior to receiving the latest release. Any devices on older releases will automatically update to 8.1.34 before updating to the latest release, no user intervention is required.

New Condeco releases and Android OS updates for Condeco desk booking screens are received by the devices over-the-air (OTA). The desk booking screens periodically check for updates when in power-save mode.

The desk booking screens move to power-save mode outside of the business hours defined in the desk settings profile. In power-save mode, each device checks for and downloads updates from Condeco independently, and if an update is interrupted or did not complete in the available time, it will retry automatically at the next opportunity.

If business hours are not set or are set to All Day the devices will not move to power-save and not, therefore, check for updates. In addition, if the inactive time is too short, there may not be enough time for the update to complete. Learn more about screen settings and booking rules

Updates are typically between 300-360MB and the time it takes to download and install is dependent on network speed and available capacity on the IoT distribution channel. It can, therefore, take several days for all the devices in an organization to update.

When a desk booking screen is receiving an update outside of business hours, the device remains in power save mode. The update progress is not displayed on the screen.

The update status of desk booking screens can be viewed on the device health page of the Device Hub. Learn more about the device health page

Multiple updates to the same device.

New desk booking screens and devices that are more than a couple of releases behind may perform several updates before they are completely up-to-date and the update process may span several days, depending on the defined business hours and network considerations noted above. This is an automated process, no user intervention is required.

Condeco Flash Utility

Condeco screens can also be updated one after the other, using the Condeco Flash Utility. Learn more about the Condeco Flash Utility