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Make a booking from the booking grid

Book a meeting space from the booking grid using the Create booking tool

Make simple bookings directly from the meeting spaces booking grid using the Create booking tool.

The Create booking option on the booking grid is only available with Condeco Cloud. 

ms grid create booking 01.gif

  1. Click a time slot on the booking grid and drag your mouse to extend the duration. If enabled for the group, the Create booking popup opens. If not enabled, the booking form opens Learn moreMeeting space booking form
  2. Enter a title for the booking and select the number of attendees and the booking type from the drop-down lists.
  3. Optional: Edit the name of the Requestor and Host if required.
  4. Click Book to book the meeting space.
Good to know
  • When setting a time slot on the grid, the time bar displays the default setup and clean-down times for the meeting space, as well as the from and to time of the booking.
  • When creating a booking in the current time slot via Create booking on the Booking grid, the booking status is automatically set to 'In Progress'. 
  • Booking details are pre-populated based on the application configuration and your profile.
  • Tab between fields using your keyboard.
  • Pressing the Enter key creates the booking.
  1. When is it useful to use the Create booking option?
    The Create booking option is designed for simple bookings or when you want to reserve a room and add extra information later using the booking form.
  2. Why is the Create booking popup not appearing for some Groups?
    Your administrator has the ability to disable the Create booking option for each Group. For example, if there are mandatory details that need to be included for the booking that cannot be entered through the Create booking popup.
  3. Why does the booking form sometimes open instead of the Create booking popup?
    When a meeting space has a default setup or clean-down time configured, this may cause an overlap with another booking or the setup time may fall into the past. On these occasions, the booking form will open to provide more flexibility to adjust the booking.
Limitations of the Create bookings tool
  • The Create bookings tool is available only on the standard booking grid (not the Advanced booking grid).
  • Mandatory custom fields are ignored.
  • Default service items are not added to a booking.
  • If a cost code exists against the host (or requestor) it is added to the meeting, however, entering a cost code is not mandatory.
  • Requestors and hosts must exist and be selected from the lookup.
  • Meeting space messages are not shown.
  • Meeting space costs are ignored.

We recommend the Create bookings tool on the booking grid is disabled if any of the above limitations cause a breach of your organization's business rules. The Create bookings tool is enabled/disabled individually for each group from the group's application settings. Learn moreHow to configure a group for meeting spaces

Book a meeting space from the booking grid using the booking form

To make a new booking from the booking grid, click a free slot and drag your mouse down the grid to select the duration of the meeting. Click anywhere in the selected slots to open the booking form. Learn moreMeeting space booking form


Complete the booking form and click Request & close for bookings in a managed group, or Book & close for bookings in a self-managed group.