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Personal space resources

A personal space is a space used by a single person. For example, a desk, office, parking space, or locker. Each individual personal space resource must be assigned to a group to manage booking rules and permissions, and can be assigned as a workspace type. Personal spaces can be booked for half-days or whole days, depending on your organization’s global setup.

How to create or edit a personal space resource

Sign in to Condeco as an Admin with Resource Management access and follow the steps to configure resources. Learn more about admin levels

  1. Navigate to Application Setup then Resources.
  2. Select Personal spaces for the Resource Type.
  3. Click the drop-down lists to filter personal spaces by Location and/or Group.
  4. Edit or create a personal space resource
    1. Create a personal space: To create a new personal space, click Add Resource.
    2. Edit a personal space: To edit an existing personal space, locate the space in the list or type the space name in the search box. Click the Edit icon, or click the Bin icon to permanently remove a personal space.
      app setup resource 06.png
  5. Refer to the table to complete the fields for the resource.
    Personal space fields Description
    Resource ID The unique value for the personal space. The Resource ID is generated automatically and is only visible on the form when editing a personal space.
    Name Enter a name for the personal space. The name is displayed when choosing a space to book. We recommend including the location after the name, for example, a desk in New York could be Desk01-NY.
    Workspace type Select the type of workspace from the list.
    Type Select the booking type – bookable, fixed, or flexi.
    Selecting Fixed or Flexi reveals additional options:
    app setup resource 04.png
    Start date: Enter the date the space assignment is to start.
    Until date: Enter the end date for the space assignment or tick Until Further Notice to assign it for an unlimited time.
    Assigned to: Click the search icon to open the User Lookup page.
    User Lookup: Enter a few letters of the user’s first or last name and click Search. Select the user to assign the space to in the results (the name may not highlight but the details will appear on the right), click Select to close the window.
    Status Indicates if the personal space is open or closed for bookings.
    Group Select the group to manage the booking rules, etc.
    Location Select the personal space location.
    Floor Select the floor where the personal space is located.
    Zone If zones are configured, select the zone where the space is located.
    QR code value The value of the QR code displayed at the personal space used for checking in. Enable or disable QR scanning for the resource by toggling the Enabled box to the right.
    Vendor Select the Vendor to manage cleaning services for the space.
    Profile This field is not in use.
    Cost per half-day If applied, costs can be reported with Condeco Reports.
    Costs per day If applied, costs can be reported with Condeco Reports.
    Wayfinder URI This field is not in use.
    Business Categories If business categories are configured, move the categories the resource relates to, to the right-hand box.
    Adjacent personal space Adding information about personal spaces located near each other allows you to see and report who has been sitting close to an employee. A personal space can have up to 10 other spaces marked as adjacent. Learn more about adding adjacent personal spaces
  6. At the top right of the form, tick the attributes available with the personal space. 
    app setup resource 05.png
  1. Click Save when done.

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