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Today screen


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Today screen

Condeco mobile app 

The Today screen on the Condeco mobile app shows where you are working on the current day, and, if you have booked a personal space, the location of the personal space is displayed on a floor plan.

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See your in-office status on the Today screen, and when you have a workspace booked you can see its location on the floor plan

About the Today screen

  • Your in-office status shows where you are working today or if you are not working.
  • When you have a personal space booked for the day, you can self-certify and/or check-in from the Today screen.
  • When checked in, you can check out from the Today screen to end your booking.

Five menu options are always visible at the bottom of the screen when using the Condeco mobile app.


  • Today: When using the app, tap Today to return to the Today screen.
  • CalendarView and plan your in-office schedule up to five weeks in advance. If you have added colleagues to your team (who have not hidden their visibility) you can also see when they plan to be in the office.
  • BookFind and book personal spaces and meeting spaces.
  • Your teamFind where your colleagues are working and add the colleagues you are working with to your team. The in-office status of your team members (who have not hidden their visibility) is shown on the calendar.
  • ProfileChoose your default locations for personal space and meeting space bookings, log out of the app, and view the app version and the Condeco URL.

In-office status

Your In-office status indicates where you are working on any given day and may be visible to your colleagues.

Don’t want to share your in-office status with colleagues? From your user profile on the Condeco web app, you can choose to show or hide your visibility from your colleagues, allowing you to choose your in-office status and view it from Condeco on the web, the Condeco mobile app, and the Condeco app for Microsoft Teams, without revealing your whereabouts to your colleagues. Learn more about your in-office schedule and visibility settings

Your status for the current day is displayed at the top of the Today screen and if you have booked a personal workspace for the day, the Today screen shows the location of the workspace on a floor plan and may prompt you to complete a self-certification statement and/or check-in to your booking.

To change your in-office status, tap the status currently displayed on the Today screen. The options are: I’m not workingI’m working remotelyI’m at [your default location]; or you can select I’m at a different location and choose a location from the list.

Change your in-office status from the Today screen

Self-certify and/or check into your booking

When you are working in the office and have booked a personal workspace for the day, the Today screen displays your booking on a floor plan and the time period you must arrive is noted underneath.

If your organization has enabled self-certification for your location, tap Complete self-certification then review the statement and tap agree or disagree, as appropriate. If self-certification is not enabled for the location, tap Check-in now to check in to your booking.

Learn more about check-in and self-certification

Check out and end your booking

When you are checked in and want to finish your booking early, you can check out from the Today screen.

Tap Check out then tap I’m sure to confirm.

Why is the personal space not shown as available after a booking is deleted or released? Depending on your organization’s configuration, a previously booked personal space may not be available for another booking until after it has been cleaned.


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