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A self-certification statement can be customized for each location and displayed to users who have a personal space booking. The user must read and acknowledge the statement before checking in to their booking or closing the Today page on the web application. A new self-certification must be completed every day a personal space is booked, before the user can check-in.

If multiple personal spaces are booked for the same day, for example, a desk and a locker, the user only needs to self-certify once.

When a user agrees to the statement and self-certifies from the Condeco mobile app, a green banner with a confirmation date is issued to the mobile device which can be shown at a distance to security or the front-of-house teams.

If a user does not agree with the statement the booking is canceled and their working status is set to “remote-working” for the day. An additional customizable message is shown to the user explaining what they should do next – for example, Contact your HR team.

Good to know

  • Checking in: Users can only check in to their personal space when they have agreed to the self-certification statement.
  • Proximity-based check-in: If proximity-based check-in is enabled, users must self-certify before the check-in period starts and whilst outside the proximity of the geolocation.
  • Same-day bookings: Users who are booking a personal space for the current day are prompted to review and agree to the self-certification statement before making the booking.
  • Same-day bookings and check-in via the web: Users who have a personal space booked for the current day must self-certify before they can close the Today page on the web application.
  • Multiple personal space bookings on the same day: When a user is self-certified for the day, they do not need to self-certify again, even if they book another personal space in another location, or have other workspaces booked such as a locker or a parking space.
  • Same-day bookings for others: In locations where self-certification is required, a user cannot book on behalf of another user when making a booking for the current day.

Configure a self-certification statement

  1. Navigate to Application Setup > Locations.
  2. Select the CountryRegion, and Location.
  3. Scroll down and tick Enable self-certification of users. Two text boxes will be displayed where you can enter your self-certification conditions and an advisory message should a user be unable to agree with the conditions.
    admin self 01.png
  4. Click Save when done.

Learn more about application setup   

Locations requiring two sets of translations can have both as part of the same text (e.g. one above the other).

Self-certification reports

A self-certification user report for the current day can be displayed and filtered in Condeco, or exported to Excel or PDF format. All users with an ‘in-office’ working status are listed in the report, regardless of whether they completed a self-certification statement or not. By default, users are sorted alphabetically by ‘Last name’.

The self-certification report is for the current day, and only one country can be included in each report.

  1. Navigate to Reports > User.
  2. Find User self-certification report on the Standard Reports tab and click Run / Edit
  3. By default all locations in your organization are listed. To select specific locations, groups, or services, click Change Filters.
  • Filter the list by entering text in the filter boxes above the column results.
  • Click Show Field Selection Window to add or modify columns.
  • Click Save As to save the applied filters to a new report.
  • To export the report click Export to Excel or Export to PDF.