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Your bookings

Your bookings (meeting spaces)

Click Your bookings to view a list of all your meeting space bookings.

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Your bookings on the web app

Filters (A)

  • Use the filters at the top to view bookings between specific dates or for a particular workspace type. Click Apply to apply the filter.
  • If you know the Booking ID of the booking you want to find, enter it in the Booking/VC ID field. Click Apply to find the booking.
  • To clear the filters and view all your bookings, click Clear to clear the filter then click Apply.

Recurring bookings (B)

  • Recurring bookings display a calendar icon on the left. The open book icon indicates the first booking in the series.

Report Issue (C)

Edit booking (D)

  • Click the pencil icon to the right of a booking to open the booking form and view or amend the details. Learn moreMeeting space booking form

Delete booking (E)

  • Click the bin icon to the right of a booking to delete it.

Booking request status (F)

  • If the chosen space is a managed space requiring approval, the booking status displays Pending until the administrator has approved the request. Learn moreManaged and self-managed spaces