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2023 August Condeco + Eptura Workplace integration

  • General availability: 31 August 2023


The Condeco + Eptura Workplace integration is now available for all new and existing Condeco customers.

Centrally manage location and resource data from Eptura Workplace and synchronize directly to Condeco. New and updated data is automatically reflected in Condeco.

The integration supports the following automation:

  • Initial synchronization of Eptura Workplace buildings to Condeco locations.
  • Initial synchronization of Eptura Workplace spaces to Condeco resources.
  • Scheduled synchronization between Condeco and Eptura Workplace to maintain new, updated, and deleted data for locations and resources.
  • In the event of a synchronization failure the synchronization process is automatically restarted, maintaining continuity of data.

Administrators can launch Eptura Workplace directly from Condeco on the web (user credentials required). 

  • Condeco Cloud version
  • Condeco API subscription version 1.71.0
  • The latest version of Eptura Workplace build version 9bc0789-1693262692286.
  • Eptura Workplace API subscription.  
Supported environments

Customers implementing a new Condeco and/or Eptura Workplace environment can use the Condeco + Eptura Workplace integration. However, the integration is not supported if both Condeco and Eptura Workplace are already implemented.

Use cases

Existing Condeco environment

Existing Eptura Workplace environment

Condeco + Eptura Workplace integration supported

No Yes
Yes Yes
Yes No
No No