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QR codes


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QR codes

QR codes can be applied to any bookable space in your workplace and are scanned to check in to a booking. With QR code scanning enabled, administrators can verify which booked spaces are actually in use and which are not, and any workspace that was booked but the QR code not scanned, can be made available for others to book.


Choose which locations or individual workspaces are enabled for QR codes, or enable your entire estate and make scanning QR codes when checking in mandatory for all bookable resources. Administrators can check users into bookings via the web application when necessary, and quickly disable QR scanning for specific resources when required.

The QR values can be exported to a Microsoft Excel file and then printed using online tools or your own label-making software.

When QR code scanning is enabled for a resource, all other forms of online check-in are disabled. However, it is still possible to check in from a Condeco desk or meeting room screen, or the Condeco desk kiosk.


  • Available for Condeco Cloud only.
  • Compatible with the Condeco mobile app.
  • Requires access to the mobile device camera.
  • 3rd party QR code printing software (widely available online or with label-making software).

How QR codes are applied to resources

QR codes are automatically applied to all existing resources when upgrading to the Condeco July 2021 release. When a new personal space or meeting space resource is created in Condeco, a QR code is applied but QR code scanning is not enabled for the resource by default.

QR code scanning can be enabled/disabled individually for each resource or in bulk. By default, QR code scanning is disabled.


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