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Your bookings


Manage your personal space bookings and bookings you made for others.

Your bookings page on the Condeco web app

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Your bookings (personal spaces)

Click Your bookings to view a list of all your personal space bookings and bookings you have made for others.

  • Workspace type (A): Filter the list of bookings by workspace type with the drop-down selection at the top. Click Apply to apply the filter.
  • Booked for (B): Bookings you have made for others display their name in the Booked For column.
  • Check-in / Release (C): A blue Check-in button is displayed when the check-in period starts. A blue Release button is displayed when the booking is active.
  • Actions (D):
    • View on floor plan: Click the GPS icon to view the location of an individual booking on the floor plan.
    • Report Issue: If available, click the flag icon to report a problem with the meeting space. Learn moreReport an issue with a personal space
    • Edit: Click the pencil icon to open the booking details popup window and amend the booking. 
    • Delete: Click the bin icon to delete a booking.

Check-in from Your bookings

When the check-in period starts, a blue Check-in button is displayed next to the booking on the Your bookings page on the Condeco web app. Click the blue Check-in button to check in to your booking. You can check in bookings made for yourself and bookings that you made for others, including bookings you made for external guests.

web ps your bookings 03 jun 2024.png
Check-in from Your bookings on the web app

Check-in from mobile appIf QR code check-in is enabled for the personal space, or self-certification is enabled for the location, you must check in using the Condeco mobile app.