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Eptura Knowledge Center

Screen deployment guidelines

Recommendations for the secure deployment of Condeco screens

To ensure the continual security of your networks and your Condeco meeting room screens and desk booking screens, we recommend the following.

Set up a dedicated network

To comply with industry-standard security practices, Condeco recommends setting up a separate, dedicated network for your Condeco devices:

  • Wi-Fi: create a dedicated SSID and apply a strong WPA2-PSK password. Allow traffic from the required domains.
  • LAN: create a separate LAN for Condeco devices.

Automatic updates

Keep your Condeco devices secure by ensuring the application and firmware are always up-to-date. Condeco screens can periodically check for updates and install them automatically, however, your network must allow the devices to download these updates.

Domain allowlist

If denylists or other restrictions to external domains are in place, ensure to allow access to the fully qualified domains listed in our domain allowlist.

Proxy server

Enhance security by configuring a proxy server for the meeting room screens traffic.