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View group permissions

Administrators can view the groups they manage from the Group permissions page.

View the groups you manage from the Group permissions page. The page loads with the first group (alphabetically) you administer. Global Admins see the first group in the first country. You must be an administrator of a group to view its permissions.

To view the permissions set for a group, select the Country and Location (if necessary) then select the group from the Group drop-down list.

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Default permissions not displayed?  When an Open Group is viewed, the default permissions set for the group are displayed under the group name. However, when a Restricted Group is viewed, the default permissions are not displayed as they are usually irrelevant – if a user cannot make bookings then the group (and any bookings) are not visible to them at all.

Users who are added to the group in order to provide alternative permissions are listed in the table at the bottom of the page. If the group manages both meeting spaces and personal spaces you can switch between the tabs to view the permissions applied for each resource type.

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Adding individual users to a group allows different permissions to be set for meeting spaces and personal spaces belonging to the same group. Click the tabs to switch between meeting space permissions and personal space permissions.