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Close or open meeting spaces


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Close or open meeting spaces

Close or open meeting spaces for a specified period from Resource Administration.

You cannot close or open resources if a closure period is already set for the Location, Floor, or Zone where the resource is located. Learn more about the closure rule

Closed meeting spaces are not listed in search results and if Condeco screens are installed, they clearly display ‘Closed’.


How to close or open meeting spaces from Resource Administration

  1. Navigate to Application Setup > Resources.
  2. Select the Country.
  3. Click Resource Type > Meeting spaces.
    1. To find a specific meeting space, enter at least two characters of its name in the search box.
    2. To display a list of meeting spaces at the location, select the Location and optionally filter the results by selecting the Group and Floor. Use the drop-down filter on the right to list only open or closed spaces or spaces assigned to a zone.
  4. Select meeting space(s) and click Set to closed or Set to open.
    1. Set to closed: Enter the date range to close the meeting space(s) and enter a reason for the closure. Click Set to closed.
    2. To cancel a closure click Set to open. Enter the reason for reopening the meeting space(s) and click Set to open.

When closed, bookings are automatically canceled and the users notified by email.

Learn more about application setup 

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