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Compare personal space booking tools

A number of different search tools are available in Condeco to help you find and book a personal space, either for yourself or for someone else. View the comparison table to see the different options available with each tool.

Full Condeco search and filter functionality is available when using the Book a personal space page on the web app and when using the Condeco mobile app. The web app also provides ‘quick search’ tools for when you’re not fussy about particulars or if you are familiar with the workspaces in your assigned location and group. If you know exactly which personal space you wish to book, you can select and book it from the booking grid. If Condeco desk booking screens are installed or the Condeco kiosk, you can also book personal spaces directly from the screens.

See what you can do when booking a personal space using the different Condeco tools, and click the links to learn how to use them:

Search features by product Choose a date Book multiple dates Book for some-one else Choose a work-space type Choose attributes View results on a floor plan Results show avail. spaces from all groups Quick book (auto-matic space alloca-tion)
Condeco web app:  
Quick search from Today page

Quick search from home page

Booking form

Booking grid

Condeco mobile app:  
Book from your mobile device

Condeco app for Microsoft Teams:  

Using the Condeco Teams app

Condeco desk booking screens:  
Book from a desk booking screen

Today only





Condeco Kiosk:  
Find and book from a desk booking kiosk

Today only