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A vendor is a group or company that supplies items or services, such as cleaning or AV supplies. Multiple vendor companies can be created in Condeco to manage different services and/or different sites. Individual vendor contact accounts are created for each vendor company and are assigned tasks via the vendor workflow.


About Vendors and Vendor contacts

  • Vendor is a group or company supplying items or services and is assigned to one or more locations in your organization.
  • Vendor Contact is a user who monitors the Vendor dashboard and provides the service.

Your organization may manage any or all of the following services in Condeco:

  • AV services (monitoring/recording meetings, etc.)
  • Catering services
  • Equipment (laptops, hubs, gym/wellbeing equipment, etc.)
  • Personal space cleaning services
  • Seating arrangements and layouts for meeting spaces
  • Supplies (stationery, etc.)