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Feature considerations

Condeco mobile app 

The Condeco mobile app gives you the flexibility to make and manage your personal space and meeting space bookings quickly and easily from the convenience of your iOS or Android mobile device, however, some Condeco features can only be accessed using the Condeco web app and some limitations apply.

Limitations and considerations

The following limitations apply when making bookings from the Condeco mobile app.

Services for meeting space bookings
  • Services, such as catering and equipment, cannot be requested directly from the Condeco mobile app, however, if services are available for a meeting space, a link to the booking form on the web is included in the services email, where you can make your choices.
Set up and clean down
  • The time allocated for setting up and cleaning down a meeting space cannot be added or edited.
Seating styles
  • Alternative seating styles cannot be selected.
Booking rules

Certain booking rules are not enforced for bookings made from the Condeco mobile app, such as:

  • Service notice periods.
  • The default booking period for meeting space bookings is half an hour, regardless of the group setting.
  • The minimum booking period for a meeting space is 15 minutes.
Managed and Allocated meeting spaces
  • You can request a managed meeting space for bookings and the request is sent to the administrator for approval as per the usual process, however, requesting an allocated (blind) meeting space that must be chosen and allocated by an administrator is not supported.
  • Recurring bookings cannot be created.
  • Only single instances of a recurring booking can be edited, not the whole series.
Linked meeting spaces
  • Bookings for linked rooms cannot be created.

Other limitations may apply.