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Device health

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Device health

The Device Health dashboard provides information on the status of your Condeco devices with different device types grouped separately (desk or room screens, for example). For each type, three boxes are displayed to show the total number of devices installed, the number of devices Condeco has not received a recent heartbeat from, and the number of devices running an older version of the software and/or firmware.

The Device Health Dashboard

Follow the steps to open the Device Health dashboard.

  1. Sign in to the Condeco Device Hub.
  2. Click Device Health in the left navigation.

Depending on the type of Condeco devices installed, status boxes for desk booking screens are displayed at the top followed by meeting room screens. The information available for each device type is the same. Click View List in any of the boxes to display more information about your devices (see Device lists below).

The first box displays the total number of devices installed. The two status boxes are explained below.

‘Heartbeat not received’ status box

Each device sends a ‘heartbeat’ message to Condeco every 15 minutes to report they are active and also to report the firmware/software version they are running. Not every heartbeat message will be received by Condeco which is not necessarily a concern. Any of the following scenarios can prevent Condeco from receiving a heartbeat message on occasion:

  • Poor Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • High network traffic – locally or globally.
  • Low bandwidth availability.
  • High latency.
  • Network drops.
  • Aggressive load balancing.
  • Device offline.

If Condeco does not receive a heartbeat message from a device for 60 minutes or more, it is flagged in the Heartbeat not received box. Click View List to display information about the flagged devices (see Device lists below).

‘Software update available’ status box

Devices regularly report the software and firmware version they are running to Condeco. Devices not running the most up-to-date versions are flagged in the Software updates available box. Click View List to display information about the flagged devices (see Device lists below).

Receive daily Device Health emails

At the bottom of the Device Health dashboard, administrators can opt-in to receive daily email notifications about the status of devices.


  • Heartbeat updates: sends a list of devices that Condeco hasn’t received a message from for 60 minutes or more, over the previous 24 hours.
  • Software/firmware updates: sends a list of devices running older software and/or firmware.
  • Select a custom time to send the Device Health email: tick to select a custom time to receive updates, and enter the desired time in the box. Emails are sent on the hour or the half-hour closest to the chosen time. If no custom time is selected, emails are sent at 00:00. All times are UTC.

Country admins and Location admins only receive health notifications for devices in the countries/locations assigned to them.

Tick the notifications required and click Sign up to opt-in.

The Device Health emails are sent to the administrator’s email address, in the language of the screen used by the administrator when they registered on Condeco. Five languages are supported – English, French, German, Arabic, and Spanish.

To change the language, the administrator must deregister from Condeco and reregister on a screen that is using the desired language.

Device lists

Click View list in any of the status boxes to view a list of installed devices.


Use the search box at the top-right to list only the devices that include the search term entered. All columns are searchable except Last Heartbeat and Software.

The device list can be filtered using the drop-down boxes across the top:

  • Device Type: Select a device type e.g. v3 Desk booking screen or v2 Meeting Room screen, etc. This filter is only visible if you have more than one type of Condeco device installed.
  • Category: You can choose to view All devices or those flagged as Heartbeat not received or Software update available.
  • Country / Location / Building / Floor: Filter devices by their location.

At the bottom of the page, click Export list as .csv to export a list of the filtered devices.

The number of devices displayed per page can be adjusted at the bottom right. If there is more than one page of devices, use the arrows to move forward or backward a page.

Device information

The device list displays key information about each device including the MAC address, location, when the last heartbeat was received, and the software version. Heartbeats last received 60 minutes or longer ago are highlighted in amber. Out-of-date software versions are highlighted in blue.

Click a device in the list to view more detailed information and full connectivity results. If a device can be contacted you can also restart it remotely from here.



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