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Time zone and NTP failures

Incorrect time zone displayed

What to check

  1. Set the correct time zone on the device.
  2. Ensure the screen can access the NTP server. 

Validate successful NTP connection 

Condeco Android screens must be able to reach out to NTP servers to synchronize the date and time.

When an NTP server cannot be contacted, the device time will not match the server time:

  • Without synchronized date-time, the screens are unable to get calendar information, screen settings, etc.
  • Without synchronized date-time, the screen's internal clock drifts and the screen becomes unresponsive. Incorrect booking information may be displayed.

By default, screens are pre-configured to use the default NTP servers specified in the domain allowlist.
Each of these public NTP services redirects the NTP traffic to a geographically local time server.

If the default NTP servers are blocked or on a denylist, a custom NTP server can be configured. 

To validate a successful NTP connection, check the time on the screen is updated to the current local time by swiping down from the top of the screen.

NTP failures

Some or all of the following issues may be experienced when the NTP connection fails.

  • Meeting room or desk screen shows an incorrect date.
  • Screen does not function.
  • Network logs show IP connection failures for screens.

Why did this happen?

It is possible that IP addresses added to your denylist were previously used to route spam through some of the servers that make up the NTP pool.

For example, shows an IP address that is part of the NTP pool which is considered a bad IP address by some network tools.

What to check

  1. Compare the IP address failures in the network logs with the IP addresses in the NTP pool.
  2. Remove any IP address of NTP servers in the list from your denylist.