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Passwordless authentication for the Condeco mobile app

What is passwordless authentication and the magic link?

Authentication via a magic link provides an alternative to entering a password when launching the Condeco mobile app for the first time, or after logging out.

With passwordless authentication enabled, users are emailed a magic link and a QR code after entering their email address on the sign-in page of the app. Tapping the magic link in the email authenticates the user and launches the Condeco mobile app.

No mailbox access? The email can be opened on a desktop or another device, allowing the user to scan the QR code using the mobile device camera, to authenticate and launch the Condeco mobile app.


  • Available for Condeco Cloud only.
  • Compatible with the Condeco mobile app (launched June 2021).

How to enable authentication via a magic link

Passwordless authentication is a global setting and disabled by default. Contact Condeco to enable it for your organization.

Good to know

  • The magic link and QR code are unique and generated each time a user enters an email address into the app to sign in.
  • The magic link and QR code are valid for 15 minutes.
  • When authenticated, the user is signed in to the mobile app for 30 days or until they log off. 30 days is the default, contact Condeco Support if you wish to increase/decrease the signed-in period.
  • The email containing the magic link and QR code is encrypted and sent via secure API.
  • Emails are only sent to email addresses registered to Condeco users.
  • If an email address is entered in an incorrect format, an error is displayed.
  • If an email address is entered in the correct format but is not registered to a Condeco user, no error is displayed but the email is not sent.