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Eptura Knowledge Center

Mounting options

Kiosk v2 floor stand

A stainless-steel floor stand, designed specifically for the Condeco kiosk v2, is available separately (part number ACCE03).

The Kiosk screen is mounted on the floor stand using the VESA mount provided with the floor stand. The stand must be positioned on a solid floor.

Mounting the kiosk to a wall or on a tabletop

The Condeco Kiosk has an industry-standard VESA interface on the rear to securely mount to a wall or tabletop using a compatible VESA-MIS-D mount (not provided).

The VESA-MIS-D configuration is four holes arranged in a square, with a horizontal and vertical distance of 100 mm.

We recommend a stand suitable for a TV up to 55” / 140 cm to mount on a tabletop to ensure the base is stable when operated.