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Booking allowances

Set monthly or weekly booking allowances to give your users the freedom to decide which days they would like to be in the workplace, whilst your organization can ensure safe levels of occupancy aren’t exceeded. Booking allowances work best when restricted groups are used in your workplace.

The advanced booking period is in weeks for both weekly and monthly allowances, up to a maximum of 5 weeks.

Set booking allowances

  1. Navigate to Application Setup > Groups.
  2. Select the Country and Group
  3. Click Resource Type > Personal spaces.
  4. Select the Application Setup action.
  5. Enter the maximum number of slots a user can book per week or month.
    admin booking allowances 01a Mar 2024.png

Maximum number of slots option is disabled: You cannot set a maximum number of slots if the 'users can book in advance' option is configured for 'Days'. To set a maximum number of slots, change the 'Users can book in advance for' option to 'Weeks'.

The remaining allowance is displayed when a user books a personal space from either the mobile app or the web application.

Booking allowances set for a group can be overridden by the number of slots a week set in the user's profile.

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