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About Groups

A group is a collection of bookable spaces (resources) that have the same access and booking rules.

Group access types

Groups can be Restricted or Open.

  • Restricted group: Only users who have been granted explicit access to the group can book a space in a Restricted group.
  • Open group: Any user can book a space in an Open group.

Typically, most groups in an organization are open, allowing anyone to book, but spaces located in more sensitive areas, HR, for example, can be managed by restricted groups so only specific users can book them.

Good to know
  • Groups manage booking rules and access.
  • A group can span more than one location/building but can only belong to one country.
  • An individual space (resource) can only belong to one group.
  • The same group can manage both meeting spaces and personal spaces.
  • A group can manage multiple workspace types, such as meeting rooms, desks, parking spaces, and lockers.
  • An unlimited number of groups can be created.
  • To make the resources in a group visible in searches and on the booking grids, the group must be added to the location.
  • Groups can be Restricted so they can only be booked by users who have been granted explicit permissions to the group. A group is a Restricted group when the make bookings permission is not granted.