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Your profile and settings

Make changes to your profile and default settings from the Condeco web app. Some options can be set independently of the Condeco web app, such as your preferred location and group when using the Condeco mobile app and preferred location, group, and attributes, when using the Condeco Outlook add-in.

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Your profile settings on the Condeco web app

web prof 01.png
Your profile and settings on the Condeco web app

Profile tabs

Click your initials from the menu bar at the top of the Condeco web app to open your profile. Navigate the tabs to view and edit your settings:

  • Overview – Name, Contact details. Other fields may be available in your organization.
  • Preferred attributes – Preferred personal space attributes. Options depend on your organization’s configuration.
  • Location & language – Default Location, Group, and Language.
  • Video conference – Dial-in phone number, PIN. Options depend on your organization’s configuration.
  • Additional properties – Default meeting settings, Meeting booking delegates, Vehicle registrations.
  • In-office schedule – Team assignment, Visibility setting, Availability calendar.