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Booking allowances and Team assignments

To control the number of people working in your workplace at any one time, your organization may have applied booking allowances to limit the number of days you can work in the workplace, and/or they may have assigned you to a team who can only book personal spaces on alternate weeks.

Booking allowances

If your organization has applied monthly or weekly booking allowances, you can choose which dates you would like to work in the office and collaborate with colleagues, but you are restricted to a maximum number of days you can book in any one month or week. If booking allowances are enabled, your remaining booking allowance is displayed when making a booking.

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Team assignments

If your organization has assigned you to a team, you can only choose to be in the office on a date that falls on either an odd week number or an even week number, depending on your team assignment. If applied, you can find your team assignment on the In-office schedule tab of your profile. The ISO week date system is used to define week numbers.

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