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Dashboard views and filters

Condeco Analytics Advanced

Good to know

  • The visualizations and data only include data for resources available to book.
  • A Power BI license is required to view the dashboard. Learn morePrerequisites
  • Viewing and analyzing the data assumes some familiarity with Power BI.
  • Some visualizations on these help pages include data only available with the Condeco Microsoft 365 integration. Learn more: Condeco Microsoft 365 Integration

About the dashboard filters and views

Click the question mark icon ( ? ) next to each canvas title to open the specific help page for the canvas. Hover over the info icons ( i ) to display brief overviews.

da filter apr-24.png
The dashboard canvases display a filter across the top, allowing you to analyze data by location, type of resource, and time frame. Selecting any of the filters dynamically updates the visualizations on all canvases.

  • Tenant ID (A): The Tenant ID selections are only displayed for organizations with multiple tenants. Select specific tenants or select all to view data from your entire estate.
  • Location and Group filters (B): Filter the data by individual or multiple Countries, Regions, Locations, Groups, and Floors. 
  • Date Range (C): Select the date range to display.
  • Days (D): Select the days of the week to include in the report. Monday to Friday are selected by default.
  • Workspace Category (E): Filter the data by resource type - Personal spaces, Meeting spaces - or select All.
  • Workspace Type (F): Filter the data by a specific workspace type or select All.
  • Zone (G): Select specific zone(s) or select All.
  • Clear All Filters (H): Click to clear the options selected on the filters.

Filters for 'Working Styles' canvases: A different filter is used for the Working Styles canvases. Learn more: Working Styles OverviewWorker SegmentationWorking Styles

Visualization options

Hover over the top-right corner of each visualization to reveal the additional Power BI options. 

da dash 04.png

The Power BI options for visualizations are as standard:

  • Copy as image with caption (A): Click to show the visualization in a popup window along with the filtering and time frame information, and a Copy button.
  • Filters on visual (B): View the filters affecting the visualization.
  • Focus mode (C): Click to show the visualization full-screen. Click Back to report to return to the canvas.
  • More options (D): Click the 3 dots to reveal more options:
    • Export data: The usual Power BI export options are available.
    • Show as a table: Show the visualization in Focus mode with the data displayed in a table beneath. Click Back to report to return to the canvas.
    • Spotlight: Highlights the visualization on the screen by fading out the rest of the canvas. Click anywhere on the canvas to exit Spotlight mode.
    • Get insights: Available to admins only.