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Book a meeting space

Condeco app for Microsoft Teams 

Book a meeting from your Microsoft Teams chat, channel, or meeting, or chat directly with the Condeco bot to make a booking when you want to invite the attendees later. For Condeco Microsoft 365 integrations only.

Condeco Microsoft 365 integration is required to book meetings from Microsoft Teams.

Book a meeting from your Teams chat, channel, or meeting

To book a meeting with all or some of the members of a Teams conversation, use the Condeco bot to find and book a space.

  1. In the Teams conversation, type @condeco, and when the Condeco bot appears in the suggestions box, select it either by pressing Enter on the keyboard or with your mouse.

The Condeco bot supports a maximum of 99 chat/channel/meeting members and you may see an error if the number of members exceeds 99.

 No Condeco bot? You cannot start the Condeco bot in a new Teams chat – you must have sent at least one message to the chat before the Condeco bot is available to use.

  1. With the blue ‘Condeco’ mention in the chat box, click Send or press Enter on the keyboard to start the Condeco bot.

The Condeco bot initially checks if the email address is subscribed to Condeco. If any problems are found, you may see an error:

  • No default location set for this accountSet a default location in your user profile using the Condeco web app or the Condeco mobile app and try again.
  • Account not foundYour email address was not found in Condeco. Contact your administrator.
  • Setup not completed by your organizationThe Condeco Microsoft 365 integration is not configured in your organization. Contact your administrator.
  1. From the options in the suggestions box, click Book then Send, or hit Enter on the keyboard to find and book a meeting space.

Did you know? You can type the Condeco command after ‘Condeco’ in the chat box and press Enter to quickly start the process.

  1. A card is posted to the Teams conversation letting the other members know you are finding a space to meet.
    This card is posted to your Teams conversation when you start a booking.
The Condeco bot now asks a series of questions about the meeting:
  1. Tell us what you would like to book
    1. Select a floor (A). Defaults to the floor set in your profile.
    2. What kind of space? (B) Select the workspace type. Only shown if more than one workspace type for meeting spaces is available in your organization.
    3. For how many attendees? (C) Enter the number of attendees the space should accommodate. Defaults to the number of members in the chat.
    4. Click Next

You can only search the default location set in your profile using the Condeco bot. To search other locations, use the Condeco mobile app or Condeco on the web.

  1. Choose when the meeting should start and end.
    1. When would you like it for? Select when you would like the meeting to start from the options or select Specific start time to pick a date from the calendar and enter a start time.
    2. For how long? Select the amount of time for the meeting or select Specific end time and enter the time the meeting should end.
    3. Click Next

When selecting a specific date and start time, the length of the booking defaults to 30 minutes regardless of what is selected under ‘For how long?’ You can change the end time on the next screen

  1. Choose a specific date and time
    1. If you selected Specific start or end time in the previous step, click the date and time fields to choose the required date and time for your meeting. Click Next.
  2. Choose a meeting space
    Up to five available meeting spaces are offered, listed in ascending order by capacity.
    1. Select a meeting space from the list. Click Next

Approval required: A managed meeting space displays ‘(Approval required)’ after the name. If a managed meeting space is selected, a request is created for the administrator to approve/reject. Learn more about 'book' or 'request' a for meeting space

  1. Meeting details
    1. Title (A) Enter a title for your meeting.
    2. Invite (B) Select the members of your Teams conversation, or meeting that you wish to invite.
      If you started the booking directly from the Condeco chat no members are displayed. Learn how to chat directly with the bot to make a booking
    3. Teams meeting (C) A Teams meeting is created by default. Unselect Teams meeting if you do not want to create a Teams meeting invite for remote attendees.
    4. Click Done.
  2.  All set! Your booking is confirmed and added to your calendar. The Teams chat is updated with where and when the meeting is taking place, and who from the chat is invited.

The event is created in your calendar and the selected participants are sent calendar invites. You can edit the event from your Microsoft Teams calendar, from your Microsoft Outlook calendar using the Condeco Outlook add-in, or from the Condeco mobile app.

Chat directly with the Condeco bot to make a booking

When you want to find and book a meeting space but invite the attendees later, you can chat directly with the Condeco bot. When you are ready to invite the attendees, add them to the associated calendar event to send the invites.

  1. Open the Condeco chat from your Teams chat list.

Did you know? You can pin the Condeco chat to the top of your chat list – right-click Condeco and select Pin.

  1. To start the booking process from a chat with the Condeco bot, instead of typing ‘@condeco’, type the command 'book'
    and either press Enter twice on the keyboard or select the Book command from the suggestions box and click Send.


  1. You can now answer a series of questions and book your meeting space. Follow the steps above

When chatting directly with the Condeco bot to make a booking, no attendees are suggested but you have the option to book a Teams meeting if required.

No suggested attendees are listed when chatting directly with the Condeco bot