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Condeco Outlook add-in for Microsoft 365 

Troubleshooting FAQ for the Condeco Outlook add-in

What is my Provider URL?

Your Provider URL is the URL you use to access the Condeco web application. For example, if your URL is then your Provider URL would be Do not enter ‘https://’ before the URL or enter any text after ‘.com’.

I see a message saying I do not have a valid Condeco subscription
  1. Check the Provider URL is entered correctly (see above). Remove the ‘https://’ and anything entered after ‘.com’.
  2. Check your organization has the minimum requirements. It could be that your version of Condeco needs updating. 
The activation email did not arrive in my inbox
  1. Make sure you have a valid Condeco account and that the email address you are using in Outlook matches the email address in your Condeco profile. 
  2. Check your junk or spam folder, or ‘Other’ message view in Outlook.
I don’t see the meeting spaces I expected when searching

The Condeco Outlook add-in only finds Condeco meeting spaces OR Exchange rooms, depending on the choice made by your organization and subsequently configured by Condeco.

I received a rejection email from the meeting space

It is possible the meeting space was booked by someone else after the search results were displayed and before you completed the booking. Close the add-in and re-open it to perform a new search.

The video equipment that is paired with an Exchange calendar is not invited when the associated meeting space is booked

Make sure the video equipment email address has been saved to the Condeco meeting space resource and note that it can take up to 24 hours for updates to locations and resources, including adding an equipment mailbox, to be active in the Microsoft 365 integration. 

Note also,  whilst a recently paired video equipment mailbox may be visible to Condeco Outlook add-in and invited when the associated Condeco meeting space is booked, the video equipment may not be invited if the associated Condeco meeting space is selected by the smart alternatives feature because it can take up to 24 hours before the equipment mailbox is activated in the Microsoft 365 integration.

The Condeco Outlook add-in hangs when a delegate attempts to allow Condeco access to the mailbox owner’s calendar.

The Condeco Outlook add-in may hang when attempting to authenticate the calendar access if delegate permissions were not applied from Microsoft Outlook (i.e. delegate permissions were applied by the IT team using a Powershell command or in Active Directory). We recommend delegate permissions are applied by the mailbox owner from Outlook Web Access (OWA), by opening the calendar and clicking Share.