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Capacity and space management

To control the number of people working in an office at any one time, your organization may have applied restrictions for where and when you can book personal spaces in the office.

As well as closing certain personal spaces, they may have restricted whereabouts in the workplace you can sit and they may have set a maximum number of days you can work in the office per month or per week. To protect critical functions, key departments may be divided into two teams that can work in the office on alternate weeks to ensure not all members of a department are in physical contact with each other.

Your organization may also record check-in details and make meeting attendee lists mandatory to enable contact tracing should an employee report sick.

Contact your Condeco administrator to find out which capacity and space management controls are configured for your office and read more about them below.

Restricted groups

If your organization has configured Restricted Groups, only users with access to a group will be able to book the resources it manages. This might mean you can only book personal spaces in a particular area or in a particular department.

Restricting groups help your organization control occupancy in specific areas of your workplace.

Booking Allowances

If your organization has applied monthly or weekly booking allowances for employees, you can choose which dates you would like to work in the office and collaborate with colleagues, but you are restricted to a maximum number of days you can book in any one month or week. Your remaining allowance is displayed when making a personal space booking. Learn more

Booking allowances help your organization control the number of employees who are working in the office.

Team assignment

If your organization has assigned you to a team, you will only be able to book a personal space in the office on either a week that falls on an odd week number or an even week number. The ISO week date system is used to define week numbers. Learn more

Team assignments help your organization protect key functions by ensuring not all members of a department are in physical contact with each other.

Contact tracing

Condeco stores space usage information to create a comprehensive audit trail enabling effective contact tracing. Administrators can use the Contact Report tool to trace the spaces an individual has occupied and the colleagues or visitors they collaborated with over the past two weeks. Those who may pose a risk can be immediately mandated to work remotely.

Contact tracing data is retained for two weeks, after which it is automatically purged.

Mandated remote working

Your administrator may mandate you to work remotely if you have been working near a colleague who has reported sick or there is a need to restrict numbers working in the office on particular days. If you are mandated to work remotely you will not be able to book a personal space in the office or change your status to show you are in the office.

The In-office schedule tab on your profile displays where you are scheduled to work each day. Learn more about your in-office schedule and visibility settings


Your organization may require you to agree to a statement about your health and the health of people you have been in contact with, before checking in to a personal space. This self-certification must be completed once each day you have a personal space booked. Learn more about self-certification when visiting the office