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Map Exchange rooms to Condeco

When Condeco has completed the onboarding process, sign in to Condeco as a Global Admin and map your Exchange rooms to Condeco.

If you have a large number of Exchange rooms to map, Condeco can do this for you. Contact your Condeco representative for more information.

  1. Sign in to Condeco as a Global Administrator.
  2. Navigate to Application Setup > Exchange room mapping.
  3. By default, Condeco shows only Unmapped Rooms. Toggle the list to view All Rooms or Mapped Rooms as required.

There are 3 default columns in the list view:

  • Exchange Room
  • Description
  • Organisational Unit.

Customize the list view by clicking the cog at the top-right.


  1. Select either single or multiple Exchange room mailboxes. Click Map to Condeco Room or Map Selected as appropriate to the selection.


  1. In the pop-up window, select a CountryLocation, and Group, then select the related Condeco meeting space from the list.


  1. Click Map room. This returns you to the list with the meeting space(s) shown as mapped.

Existing bookings: Bookings made before the Exchange room was mapped to the Condeco meeting space are not synced.

Deleting Exchange rooms: It is important to unmap Exchange rooms from the Condeco resource before deleting the room from Exchange. 

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