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Edit Name/Deployment

Some settings were configured when the group was created. All fields can be edited here, excluding the group ‘type’ which defines if the group is for meeting spaces and personal spaces, or for delivery points.

Edit group name, default permissions, and search options

  1. Navigate to Application Setup > Groups.
  2. Select the Country and Group and select Personal spaces for the Resource Type.
  3. Select Edit Name/Deployment from Select an action drop-down.
  4. Refer to the table below when editing the fields.
    Group fields
    Group Name Edit the name of the group.
    Group Mapping Contact Condeco support for further details and guidance on how to restrict user access to groups, utilizing SQL scripting along with Active Directory groups, or using the HR feeds tool.
  5. Default permissions: Define how users interact with bookings. 
    Default permissions

    Can view


    Allow all users to view the group.

    If disabled, only users who are members of this group can view the resources.

    Make bookings


    Allow users to select and create a booking.

    If not enabled, the group is a 'restricted group' and the resources are only bookable by users who have been granted explicit permissions to the restricted group. Learn moreRestricted groups

    View other users’ bookings Allow users to view details of bookings created by others.
    Edit other users’ bookings Allow users to edit bookings created by others.
    Delete other users’ bookings Allow users to delete bookings created by others.
    Allow managed access to other admins Not applicable to personal space resources.
    Hide meeting space name from user Not applicable to personal space resources.
  6. Search options: Enable or disable automatic allocation of personal spaces.
    Search options
    Prevent specific space requests Disables the Search and Floor plan options when booking personal spaces to prevent users from selecting a specific space. (Not applicable for meeting space resources). 
    Enable 'Quick book' button Displays the 'Quick book' button on the search tools. Allows the user to book an automatically allocated space. Cannot be disabled if 'Prevent specific space requests' is enabled. (Not applicable for meeting space resources).
  7. Click Save.