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Set up a location

A Location is only required for Microsoft Exchange and Google calendar services.

Set up a location

  1. Sign in to the Condeco Device Hub.
  2. Select Device Management from the left icon bar and ensure the appropriate calendar service is selected.
  3. Click Locations.
  4. Select the country.
  5. Enter the town or city.
  6. Enter the name of the site. This can be an overarching entity like a campus.
  7. Enter the building name.
  8. Enter the name of the floor. If you have more than one floor, press Add floor. Floors can be freely named, for example, “1” or “Ground floor”.
  9. Press Save to save the location, or Cancel to discard your changes and go back to Locations.

To edit a location:

  1. Click the location. You can filter the list by country and city.
  2. Make your edits and press Save.

You must be a Global, Country, or Location admin to manage locations. Learn more about administrator accounts