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Edit a user profile

How to find and open a user’s profile

Open User Management from the menu on the left. To find a user, start typing the user's name in the Find a user… field at the top of the User Management page and press Enter. Up to five users matching the search are listed in the results. Click a user to open their profile. You can also open a user’s profile by clicking their name in the Group permissions or Administrator lists.

If your access level is lower than the access level set for the user, the profile will open in ‘read-only’ mode. You will not be able to edit their profile and some information may be hidden.

web um 19.png
Administrators can view/edit users' profiles from the User Management module

Admin functions 

Administrators with relevant permissions can perform the following functions for a user from the top of the user’s profile page:

  Description More information
Reset PIN Create a new, randomly generated PIN. It may take up to five minutes for the PIN to become active. 
Deregister card Unlinks the user’s RFID card from their account.  
Transfer bookings Transfer the user’s booking to another user. It may take up to 24 hours to complete a transfer. Learn more
Deactivate user Prevent the user from logging in, and creating, editing or starting Condeco bookings. Deactivated users will not be visible in any searches except in User Management.
View history Show the last login time and any changes to the account.  
Reset password Send an email to the user with a link to change their password. Applies to Forms users only.
Delete user Delete the user and their bookings. Learn more
Contact report Run a contact report to trace who they may have worked near over a specific period of time. The Contact Report reports on personal spaces, adjacent colleagues, meeting spaces, attendees, visitors, and any Condeco screens that the user may have interacted with. Learn more about contact tracing

Edit a user profile

Administrators with relevant permissions can edit users’ profiles.

Tabs on the user management page:

Tab Description
Overview View and edit the user’s name, contact details, email address, and role. Email addresses cannot be edited if SSO or SCIM is in use. Options depend on your organization’s configuration.  
Permissions Select the Access Level for the user and personal user permissions. The permissions defined here override the default permissions applied to a Group. Learn about administrator access levels
Preferred attributes Apply the preferred personal space attributes to be automatically selected when the user searches for available personal spaces. You can also apply a number of slots per week (booking allowance) that the user can book, which overrides the default number of slots defined for a group. Learn how to set booking allowances for a group
Location & language Enter the default locations and groups selected when the user searches for meeting spaces and personal spaces and set the default language.
Additional properties Set a default reminder time for meetings; choose the default meeting requestor to be automatically selected for meeting space bookings; enter vehicle registration/license plate numbers separated by commas ( , ), and add meeting space booking delegates. Options depend on your organization’s configuration.
In-office schedule Apply Team assignments; set visibility; and manage in-office status. Learn about team assignments

More information about the user profile tabs can be found in the end-user guide. Learn more about your profile and settings