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Check-in and self-certification


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Check-in and self-certification

To control the number of employees arriving at the office at the same time, your organization may have set staggered arrival times for different groups. The allowed period for arrival and check-in is displayed on the personal space booking. Failure to check in to your booking within the specified time period will cancel the booking.

You may also need to complete a self-certification before checking in to let your organization know that it is safe for you to be working in the office.


If your organization has enabled self-certification for your location, you must self-certify before checking in each day you are working in the office.


  1. Tap Complete self-certification from the Today screen.
  2. Read the statements and indicate at the bottom if you agree or disagree.
    • Agree: Tap I confirm that I have read and agree to all statements above then tap Continue. Your self-certification is confirmed and you can check in.
    • Disagree: Tap I do not agree to all statements above then tap Continue. Instructions from your organization will display. All your personal space bookings for the day are automatically canceled, regardless of workspace type.

If you are assigned to a fixed space, you may still be prompted to complete the self-certification when launching the Condeco mobile app even though you do not need to check in to your fixed space. Learn more about booking types for personal spaces


If you indicate on the app that you do not agree with the self-certification statements, your response is recorded in the logs but the fixed space remains assigned to you and is not released.

Checking in

The check-in process for your booked workspace depends on your organization’s configuration. Check-in may be automatic if geolocations are configured, or you may need to scan a QR code displayed at the workspace. See below for more information about checking in to your booking.

Depending on your organization’s setup, you may be automatically checked in if you book a personal space five minutes before the end of the check-in period or after the check-in period has ended.

Proximity-based check-in

If your organization has stored the geolocation of your workplace in Condeco you may be automatically checked in when your mobile device is within the vicinity of your workplace. Rules apply –  Learn more about proximity-based check-in

If self-certification is enabled at your organization, you must self-certify prior to reaching the vicinity of the office as you are only checked in automatically if you have already agreed to the conditions of the self-certification. Condeco recommends self-certifying before leaving home!

To enable proximity-based check-in, you must allow the Condeco mobile app access to your location all the time and not just when the app is open. GPS and location services must also be turned on.

The location details from a mobile device are not shared to Condeco cloud and are not stored.

Check-in using the mobile app

If you are required to check in, the Check in now button is displayed on the Today and Your bookings screens when the current date and time are within the allowed check-in period. Depending on your organization’s setup, if you make a booking for the current day after the check-in period has started, you may be automatically checked in.

Tap Check in now to check in to the personal space. If you do not check in within the allowed check-in period (if set), the booking is canceled.

   ua-indevice-today-02_v1.png ua-indevice-bookings-02_v1.png

Scan QR code to check-in

The QR code scanning function is available in the Condeco mobile app 12 July 2021 release (and later).

If QR code scanning is enabled for the personal space or meeting space you have booked, the Check-in button also displays a QR scan icon.


  1. Tap Check in to start the QR code scan process.

Example shows QR check-in button for personal spaces

  1. If prompted, allow Condeco access to the device camera as follows, otherwise, skip to the next step.
    • Tap OK.
    • Tap Open Settings and enable Condeco access to the device camera.
  1. Tap Use camera.
  1. To check in, scan the QR code displayed at the personal space or meeting space.

You are now checked into the personal space or meeting space.

If you are unable to scan the QR code for any reason, your administrator can check in for you from the booking grid for personal spaces. 

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