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Today page on the web

The Condeco Today Page summarizes your bookings for the day and is the first page displayed after signing in to the web application.

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At-a-glance information about your day is displayed on the Today page

About the Today page

Choose your in-office status

The Today page shows where you are working on the current day.

Click Change your status to change your in-office status. The options are: I’m not working; I'm working remotely; I'm at [your default location], or you can select I’m at a different location and choose a location from the list.

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Can’t see your in-office status? Your in-office status is only displayed if you have a default location and group saved in your profile. Learn more: Your profile and settings


You can set your in-office schedule for today and future dates from the In-office schedule tab in your profile. Learn more: In-office schedule and visibility settings


From the web app, you can currently only choose a location belonging to the default country set in your user profile. Use the Condeco mobile app or the Condeco Teams app to choose a location in a different country.

Next meeting space booking

Up to two meetings for the current day are displayed on cards at the top of the Today page, however, only your next meeting is shown if you also have a personal space booking for the day. The card is not displayed if you do not have any meeting space bookings today.

You can see all your bookings for the day in the Today’s bookings list at the bottom of the Today page. 

Click View details to see more information about the booking, or click the bin iconbin icon.png  to quickly delete a booking.

The Check in button is displayed when the check-in window commences. The amount of time allowed for checking in depends on your organization’s configuration.

When a meeting has started, buttons to End or Extend the meeting are displayed. Click Extend to check the availability of the meeting space and select a new end time for the booking.

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Next personal space booking

Your personal space booking for the current day is displayed on a card at the top of the page.

If you have multiple personal space bookings for the day (and no meeting space bookings), up to two personal space booking cards are displayed in the order the bookings were created, for example, if you booked a desk first, then a locker, and lastly a bicycle space you will see the desk and the locker displayed in cards at the top of the Today page, but not the bicycle space. If you also have a meeting space booking for the day, only the first personal space booking is displayed. If you do not have any personal space bookings today, the card is not displayed.

You can see all your bookings for the day in the Today’s bookings list at the bottom of the Today page. 

To delete a booking before checking in, click the bin icon 

The personal spaces card displays a Check-in button when the check-in window starts. The amount of time allowed for checking in depends on your organization’s configuration.

When you have checked in to a personal space, a Release button is displayed on the card. Click Release to end the booking and release the workspace for others to book.

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Why is the personal space not listed as available after a booking is deleted or released? Depending on your organization’s configuration, a previously booked personal space may not be available for another booking until after it has been cleaned.

Today’s bookings

Whilst the cards at the top of the Today page show your next bookings, the Today’s Bookings section at the bottom of the Today page displays all your bookings for the day, and you can perform all the usual functions to progress or cancel your bookings from here.

Click View details to open a pop-up window showing the full details of a meeting space booking and its status, and you can also print a summary of the booking.

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You may see information displayed in a banner across the top of the Today page if someone you worked close to has reported being unwell.

web today banner.png
    Contact tracing banner on the Today page

Your administrator can run contact tracing reports to find users who have been working in close contact (when a potential health risk is flagged) and automatically mandate remote working to prevent further contact with other users. They may also have canceled your bookings for the day and a specified number of days in the future.  

Out-of-sync notice

The Today Page does not refresh automatically.

On occasion, you may see an Out-of-Sync message on the Today page when a booking state changes. For example, if you attempt to start a meeting via the Start button on the Today Page when the booking has already been bumped by the scheduler, an out-of-sync message will display. Click Reload to resynchronize the page.