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Example use cases

View the example use cases to understand how the Condeco API endpoints can be used.

Example use case – Start a meeting

Objective: Start a meeting.

Endpoint Name: The endpoint \UpdateMeeting_V1 is used to start a meeting. The actionType must be set to 1.

Request URL:[ClientName]/a.../bookings/[ID]

Request Parameter:
Input the meeting ID in the request parameter ID.

Input the mandatory fields:

Field Description
userId Id of the user who is updating the meeting.
bookingId The meeting Id that needs to be updated.
actionType Must be set to 1.


Successful request

Error codes

The user attempts to start a meeting before the check-in time:

400 Bad Request: Meeting cannot be started at this moment.

The user attempts to start a meeting booked in the past:

400 Bad Request: Meeting already started.

BookingID is not recognized or does not exist:

400 Bad Request: Booking Id does not exist.

Example use case – Retrieve List of Visitors

Objective: Retrieve a list of all visitors for a specific date.

API Collection: Visitor

Endpoint Name: Visitor_GetVisitors_V1

Example request URL: https://[CondecoAPIURL]/Condeco_Software_UK_Demo/api/V1/visitor[?visitDate][&status][&countryId][&regionId][&locationId][&floorNumber][&roomId][&visitorName][&hostName][&visitorCompany][&meetingName][&hostEmail][&requestorEmail][&pageNumber][&pageSize]

Restrictions: The visit date must be within the next 14 days or the call will fail.

Recommendation: Typically, visitors are added to the system at least 24 hours prior to their visit date, therefore calling the ‘Visitor_GetVisitors_V1’ once every 24 hours should be enough. Storing a local copy of the expected visitor would also make it easier for the 3rd party system to query without using additional endpoint calls to Condeco.

Example use case – Import Cost Codes

Objective: Import cost codes

API Collection: Cost Code

Endpoint Name: CostCodes_PostCostCodes_V1

Example request URL: https://[CondecoAPIURL]/Condeco_Software_UK_Demo/api/V1/costcodes

Recommendation: Depending how often cost codes change, you may wish to upload new costs codes daily or weekly. Multiple cost codes can be uploaded at once and this will only require a single endpoint call.

Example use case – Export Service Items

Objective: Automatically export a list of service item orders for a specific date and e-mail to the catering team.

API Collection: Vendor

Endpoint Name: Vendor_GetVendorItems_V1

Example request URL: https://[CondecoAPIURL]/Condeco_Software_UK_Demo/api/V1/vendorItems?date={ date }[&pageNumber][&pageSize]

Recommendation: Most vendors require at least 24 hours notice for orders, therefore pulling a report the day before should be sufficient rather than multiple times a day.