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2024 April Microsoft 365 Integration Release

  • General availability: April 14, 2024


Graph API permission change

User.ReadAll to User.ReadBasic.All

Microsoft recently introduced the new User.ReadBasic.All Graph API access permission for Application Permissions, offering improved security for customer data. This allows us to reduce the scope of our access to Graph API, by switching from User.ReadAll to the new User.ReadBasic.All permission. 

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New Customers

New customers onboarding our Microsoft 365 Integration will automatically use the new User.ReadBasic.All permission.

Existing Customers

Existing customers can continue to use our Microsoft 365 Integration with User.ReadAll until July 2024, however, we encourage integrations to be updated as soon as possible to take advantage of the new User.ReadBasic.All permission.

To update, re-authorize the Condeco Microsoft 365 Integration to apply the new User.ReadBasic.All permission and then revoke access to User.ReadAll.

Full details about the process for making the switch will be available next week (wk beg April 8, 2024).