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2024 June Microsoft 365 Integration Release

  • General availability: June 16, 2024


Multi-room bookings

We've added the ability to book multiple meeting spaces from a single Microsoft Outlook calendar event so that users can easily manage bookings that include people from different locations.

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Book multiple spaces from a single appointment

You can book spaces in multiple locations for your meetings from the Condeco Outlook add-in, so whether you’re organizing a large event or just want to book a space for your colleagues in another office, Condeco makes it easy.

  • Click 'Add another space' to search in the same or a different location, for another space to add to your booking.
  • Participants who have shared they are in the office on that day are automatically added as attendees.
  • Changes to the calendar event automatically updates the booking for all spaces, including any added services.
  • If any of your chosen spaces are unavailable when you make a change, Condeco automatically finds you a suitable alternative – for all your spaces!
  • Manage all your spaces for a booking from a single calendar event.
  • Easily book a space for your colleagues, ensuring they have somewhere to join the meeting in their office.
  • Right-size the space by finding a space that meets capacity requirements for participants who are in the office that day.
  • Automatically select on-site participants based on their shared in-office status for the day of the meeting.
  • Seamlessly manage conflicts by allowing Condeco to automatically find suitable alternative spaces, for single events or recurrences.
  • Automatic setup of in-room meeting equipment, such as Microsoft Teams devices, for a one-click join experience for all participants in all spaces.
Good to know
  • Currently up to 5 spaces can be booked for a single Outlook event.  We plan to increase this to 8 in a future update.
  • When a booked space is unavailable at a new time (if a meeting is moved) or for some instances of a recurring booking, an alternative space is automatically booked at the conflicting times. An email is sent for each conflicting space, with details of the alternative space or advising that no alternative could be found. 
  • An individual services email is sent for each space, as each space may offer different services.
  • Microsoft Outlook currently allows a maximum of 255 characters in the Outlook appointment location field. This can cause issues when trying to add, change, or remove the location details of a space in the calendar appointment. If a space is added that exceeds this limitation, a warning is displayed and the space is not added. Customers with long room names or location names are most likely to be affected. Microsoft is aware of this issue and is working to remove the limitation.

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