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2024 July Condeco Mobile App - Android/iOS Product Release

Maintenance updates to the Condeco mobile app are released when ready. Other updates are released on an ad-hoc basis.

  • General availability: July 8, 2024
  • Evergreen: July 9, 2024
  • Android version: Android 4.3.2
  • iOS version: iOS 4.3.10

See who's in

The new 'See who's in' option on the Today page allows users to see the location of colleagues who have booked workspaces for the day, on a floor plan.

see whos in.png

Colleagues who have hidden their visibility are not shown on the floor plan.

Your team members' bookings display their initials in a colored circle, making them easy to find on the floor plan. (Condeco automatically assigns a color to each colleague from a range of 10 colors, based on the last digit of the UserID). Colleagues who are not members of your team display their initials in a gray circle. (Initials are not shown if a colleague has hidden their visibility).

Learn more: See who's in

User PIN

Users can now view their PIN in their user profile on the Condeco mobile app. This makes it easy to find the PIN when registering a new card with a Condeco or Eptura screen.

mob pin.png

Learn more: View or reset your PIN

Report Issue - Eptura Asset integration

Condeco customers can now integrate with Eptura Asset, enabling employees and administrators to report issues with resources directly from the Condeco web and mobile applications. For same-day bookings, a 'Report Issue' button is displayed, allowing users to easily report any problems with their booked resource. Issues with meeting spaces can also be reported from the Meeting space 'Resource Information' page, allowing issues to be reported for meeting spaces that are not booked. The 'Report Issue' form is automatically populated with resource and user data, making it simple and efficient for employees to report issues accurately.

mob report issue 03.png

Learn more:

Intelligent booking 

Users with 'intelligent booking' enabled in their profile, are now notified that a personal space will be automatically booked when they change their working status to 'in the office'.

ib mobile notification.png

Learn more: Intelligent booking for personal spaces

Enhancements and general maintenance

CUMA-7377 A pop-up message now displays when there are no personal spaces available on the booking screen.
CUMA-7351 Android: Users are now added to 'My team' as soon as the '+' icon is pressed.
CUMA-7124 Icons now display colleagues' initials when viewing the floor plan via Find your team.
CUMA-7090 Team day information is now shown on the resource information cards.
CUMA-6960 Personal spaces now show more information about the space when selected from the search results.
CUMA-6894 All users, including team members, are now returned when searching for colleagues via 'Find your team'.
CUMA-7386 When selecting dates for a personal space booking, the calendar now prevents dates being selected if the user already has a booking for the same workspace type on that date. 
CUMA-6843 Selecting a colleague's name on the floor plan for personal spaces displays their upcoming schedule.
General maintenance
CUMA-7564 When users changes their default location, the 'Automatic check in' prompt now displays if coordinates are set for the location.
CUMA-7353 The iOS app was incorrectly displaying 'Jailbroken device' message in some circumstances. This has been fixed.