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2024 July Condeco Cloud Product Release

  • General availability: July 23, 2024
  • Evergreen: July 28, 2024

Version: 3.5.778.0

  • General availability: July 2, 2024
  • Evergreen: July 6, 2024

Version: 3.5.736.0


  • General availability: July 23, 2024
  • Evergreen: July 28, 2024

Version: 3.5.778.0

Location admins can manage locations in multiple countries

Location admins can now be assigned admin privileges to selected locations in multiple countries. The UI has been updated to support selecting multiple countries to populate the 'Select location' multi-select interface. Existing permissions are unaffected.

loc admin jul 2024.png

Learn more: Administrator access levels

SCIM preserves manual permissions

Manual permissions set in User Management are now preserved when updating a user's permissions via SCIM.

SCIM overwrites permissions for any group defined in SCIM settings, while any groups not defined remain unaffected.

Learn more: Condeco SCIM API

Additional improvements



'Show booking grid' option disabled for groups when 'Quick book only' is enabled



'Online meeting provider' and 'Outlook event created for users bookings' options added to Global Setup in preparation for synchronized bookings with Microsoft Outlook


UI changes to support multi-country Location Admin in User Management


Prompt warning that there are no spaces available removed from 'Find your team' floor plan view


WCAG | Book a personal space updated to be WCAG compatible and 'Group' option widened to support display of long group names


Wording improved to warn users of irreversible actions when deleting items from configuration pages


Additional checks to prevent duplicate attendees


'Include weekends' on Advanced daily recurrences has been removed in favor of selecting Mon-Fri on Weekly recurrences  


Hidden managed meeting space search now includes set up and clean down times in logic


Advanced booking periods can no longer be reduced in Personal space group settings if conflicting bookings exist

EN-44927 Meetings can now be ended via Admin API without 'starting' the meeting
General maintenance


Long location names now correctly displayed on Change Status Modal in the Find Your Team page


Tooltip for Quick Book on Today page has been updated with correct information


Booking animation on Today page Personal Space selection modal now spins correctly


WCAG | New menu UI for Today page updated to support Keyboard navigation and Screen reader in all circumstances


WCAG | Book a personal space updated to be WCAG compatible and 'Group' option widened to support display of long group names


Long location names now supported on Change status tile on Today page


Bookings_GetFreeSlotsAvailability_V1 endpoint incorrect results issue resolved


Fixed issue where reports could not be run for customers with specific values added in custom fields


iCalendar files were not displaying at AM slot time for customers in certain timezones

EN-44343 Fix to prevent duplicate attendees on past Meeting space booking


  • General availability: July 2, 2024
  • Evergreen: July 6, 2024

Version: 3.5.736.0

Intelligent booking

today ib july 2024.png

With intelligent booking enabled, a personal space is automatically booked when your working status changes to 'in the office'.

The following factors are intelligently weighted to find the best space:

  • The user's most reserved spaces
  • Where team members are sitting
  • The user's default group/floor/attributes

Users can set their location from Condeco Web via the Today page, the ‘In-office schedule’ the User Profile, and via the ‘Find your team’ page. Location can also be set from the Today screen on the Condeco mobile app.

Your Condeco administrator can enable 'Intelligent booking' from Global Setup > Personal spaces. When enabled, users can enable or disable the option individually from their in-office schedule on their user profile.

profile in-office july 2024.png

When a user sets their location to 'in the office' from the Today page, a toast message 'Finding your workspace' is displayed, the Today page will refresh and show the Personal space booking. 

Learn more: Intelligent booking

UI updates for the Today page

today meatballs july 2024.png

The Today page user interface has been updated to display a menu item set on the Meeting Space booking pane. Additionally, the Meeting Space title on 'Today's Bookings' is now selectable, allowing users to view the booking summary. The icons on the 'Your Bookings' pages have also been updated to ensure consistency with the Today page.

Learn more: Today page

Edit group settings for Location Admins

Location Admins now have full control of the Groups that manage resources in the Location(s) assigned to them. However, they cannot manage Groups spanning multiple Locations unless assigned to all the Locations spanned by the Group.

Learn more: Administrator access levels

Attributes field on Resource Reports

The Condeco Resource Report now includes the option to add ‘Attribute name(s)’ as a selectable field in the Reporting module.

reports july 2024.png

Additional improvements

EN-44241 Group setting 'Advanced booking period' cannot be reduced if conflicting bookings exist
EN-44241 Services cannot be removed from a location or be deleted if they exist on a future booking
EN-44602 'Users in the office today' report updated to display colleagues that have set themselves as in the office even if they do not have Personal space booking
EN-43021 Added new field 'Workspace type' to Meeting space and Personal space reports 
EN-42553 Custom fields with dropdown selections will now show label name instead of label ID on reports
EN-44704 'Report issue' modal height increased
EN-44666 Update to floor plan cards to inform user why space may be unavailable
EN-44446 'Delete booking' modal updated to be WCAG compatible
EN-44448 Personal spaces 'Your bookings' page updated to be WCAG compatible
EN-43319 [Admin API] 'setPresence' endpoint will now accept Email ID as well as User ID
General maintenance
EN-44802 Error message was shown when user tried to unlink a linked room with services added
EN-44602 Group names with apostrophes could not be edited on floor plan configuration page
EN-43636 Release time slot showing incorrectly on reports
EN-44589 Personal space bookings for someone else are no longer checked in via 'Proximity check in' when creator enters the location
EN-40347 'Desks allocation to people' report data issue resolved
EN-40059  Date format and order of date not appearing correctly on Contact Report
EN-44622 Incorrect German translation showing on User Management page
EN-44667 Update to how Fixed/Flexi Personal spaces are displayed on floor plan
EN-44266 Security Fix