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Technical information and process overview

See the technical requirements and view the process overview and diagram.


  • Condeco Cloud customers only.
  • The latest Cloud version of Condeco.
  • No existing Proxyclick integration (this process is for new Proxyclick integrations only).
  • Proxyclick Superuser account.

SSO support

SSO is supported for all SSO users synchronized from Condeco to Proxyclick

Process overview

Condeco user provisioning for Proxyclick utilizes Proxyclick SCIM APIs to synchronize users and locations from Condeco to Proxyclick. The following diagram represents the user provisioning process flow.


The initial synchronization of users and locations from Condeco to Proxyclick is managed by Condeco. When the initial process is complete, a user provisioning task is run by an automatic scheduler once every 24 hours, maintaining existing user details from Condeco to Proxyclick and automatically creating new users and locations.

Initial synchronization from Condeco to Proxyclick

The initial synchronization is performed by Condeco. All existing users and locations are exported from the customer’s Condeco database and imported to Proxyclick.

Scheduled synchronization to maintain users and locations

When the initial synchronization is complete, an automated scheduler runs the user provisioning process at regular intervals to synchronize newly created users and update or delete existing users, maintaining consistency between Condeco and Proxyclick. The automated scheduler runs once every 24 hours.

User and admin access

Condeco Global administrators are automatically granted admin rights to the default location set in the Proxyclick SCIM and regular user access to all other locations that exist in the Proxyclick SCIM. All other Condeco admin types and normal Condeco users are granted regular user access to all Proxyclick locations existing in the Proxyclick SCIM. The default location for all users is set to the default location set in the Proxyclick SCIM.

Why are admin rights only applied to the default Proxyclick location?
Admin user permissions cannot be set in multiple Proxyclick locations in bulk because each Proxyclick location has a unique company ID and location ID therefore to ensure the best performance and efficiency of the synchronization process, admin rights in Proxyclick are currently* only granted to Condeco Global admins, and only to the Proxyclick location set as default in the Proxyclick SCIM. Admin rights to other Proxyclick locations, and/or for other Condeco user types (regular users, Location admins, etc.) must be applied manually by the Proxyclick Superuser.

After the initial synchronization, currently*, existing Proxyclick users must be manually granted access to any new locations added to the Proxyclick SCIM (if required). However, new users created by the synchronization process are automatically granted access to all the locations (new and old) that exist in the Proxyclick SCIM. A new user’s default location is always set to the default location set in Proxyclick SCIM.

We are exploring ways to automate and simplify these processes.

New user invitation to join Proxyclick

New Proxyclick users are sent an email with an invitation to click a link to “Join your team on Proxyclick” and set a password. When completed, the user signs in using their login details.

Contact Condeco if you wish to delay or disable the invitation emails sent to new users during the initial synchronization.