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Data analytics using 3rd party tools

Gain insights into historical resource usage by importing Condeco booking data into compatible data analytics products such as Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.

Condeco can store historical booking data in a report-friendly data mart, enabling you to build reporting dashboards in Power BI, Tableau or other compatible data analytics products. Complex analysis tasks can be performed in seconds with no impact on database performance.

  • Intelligent workplace insights: Analyze occupancy and booking behavior to understand exactly how your resources have been used.
  • Bring your data together: Augment booking data with data from other sources, enriching your knowledge with additional metrics.
  • Turn insights into actions: Use analytical toolsets to create custom reports and understand workplace usage trends, giving you actionable insights to make better strategic decisions.
  • Improved collaboration: Build customized dashboards and interactive reports to share with your colleagues.

Read the FAQ about Condeco data analytics


What is Condeco Data Analytics?

Data Analytics provides access to a rich analytic-centric data store and has been specifically designed to feed analysis tools such as Power BI, Tableau, and more. Any analysis toolset that can retrieve data from Azure Table Storage directly or via an ODBC driver, can be used.

Is future data available?

No, the dataset only contains historical data. Past and closed bookings can be analyzed to monitor trends. Data for future reporting can be obtained using the Admin API.

How often is the data updated?

The Azure Table Storage data is updated every 24-hours, but due to the inherent difficulties in analyzing partial months or even partial weeks, we advise that the analysis dataset is only refreshed monthly or weekly. Analysis toolsets usually have the ability to schedule an automatic refresh.

Does Data Analytics support a JDBC connection?

No. The Azure Table Storage will support an ODBC connection or a direct connection with any tool that supports it. It is important to stress that the Azure Table Storage datastore is not designed for direct reporting, but as a source for an analysis toolset to get data from.

Are there any future plans for constructing 3-dimensional data like a Data Cube?

No. This data store is a de-normalized datastore that allows 3-dimensional data cubes to be created using an analysis toolset such as PowerBI or Tableau.

Where is the data stored?

Azure Table storage is stored on Condeco storage in the cloud with MS Azure. The data that gets pulled from the datastore to the analysis toolset is stored on the customer site or on their cloud storage.

How does Condeco Data Analytics work?

Condeco create and populate an Azure Table Storage container and provide a URL and key. The URL and key allow your analysis tool access to the data held within the Azure Table Storage via APIs.

If your application does not currently consume APIs please contact Condeco support.

Can only partial data be provided, for certain locations for example?

No, data is for all rooms and all desks. However, the analysis toolset will be able to filter by rooms/desks or location hierarchy.

Do we need to have a Business Intelligence (BI) analyst to set up Data Analytics and create reports?

As some degree of BI knowledge is necessary, then yes, we recommend that the work is undertaken by a skilled analyst. Alternatively, we can recommend our partner who specializes in this area.

Does Condeco support the data analytics reports created by the customer?

No, we cannot support any reports created by customers or support any example reports that may have been provided.