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Add or Edit Vendors

Level: Site Administrator

If you don't provide the Copy Job Request's production task in-house then you can set up a third-party vendor.

Access Vendors

  1. Navigate to Admin > Copy > Vendors. The Vendors screen displays.
  2. From the top-right corner, select the relevant center.


The following columns display:

  • Name - Allows you to view the vendor name.
  • Address - Allows you to view the address of the vendor.
  • City - Allows you to view the city of the vendor.
  • State - Allows you to view the state of the vendor.
  • Sort Order - Allows you to view and edit the sort order of the available vendors.
  • Active - Displays whether or not the vendor is active.
  • Action - This field allows you to edit a specific order item.

Add a Vendor

In order to add a vendor, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the add a vendor link.


The Add Vendor screen displays.


  1. In the Name field, enter the vendor's name.
  2. In the Address field, enter the vendor's address.
  3. In the City filed, enter the vendor's city.
  4. From the State drop-down, select the vendor's state.
  5. In the Postal Code field, enter the vendor's postal code.
  6. In the Contact Name field, enter the vendor's contact name.
  7. In the Contact Phone field, enter the vendor's phone number.
  8. In the Contact Email field, enter the vendor's email.
  9. In the Markup Percentage field, enter the percentage.
  10. In the Notes field, enter any notes.
  11. Click the Add button.

The new vendor is added. 

Edit a Vendor

In order to edit a vendor, perform the following steps:

  1. For the vendor you want to edit, click the edit link. The Vendor screen displays.


  1. Complete the edits.
  2. Click the Update button. Your vendor has been updated.

Remove a Vendor

If you no longer need a vendor it can be made inactive.

  1. For the vendor you want to edit, click the edit link. The Edit Vendor screen displays.
  2. From the Active drop-down, select No.
  3. Click the Update button. 

This will make the vendor inactive.