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Search for Mail Item (Mail App)

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Search for Mail Item (Mail App)

Once you have checked in a mail item, or would like to search for a mail item, perform the following steps:


  1. From the home screen of the iOffice Mail mobile application, tap the Search button. 



Figure: iOffice Mail - Search Screen


  1. Enter your search criteria. If you are unsure, you can enter partial names, and a LiveSearch drop-down will offer suggestions.



Figure: iOffice Mail - Enter Search Criteria


  1. Tap the user whose mail items you want to view. 



Figure: iOffice Mail - User Mail Item View


  1. If you want to deliver, tap Deliver for the individual item.

  • If you tap Deliver, a signature screen appears, and the recipient can sign, and click the green checkmark to approve.



Figure: Signature Confirmation Screen


Note: The person signing for the delivery will be displayed as a notification below the signature line. 

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