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Create a Recurring Reservation

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Create a Recurring Reservation

The Recurring Reservations feature is useful for making reservations for frequently used spaces. To make a recurring reservation log into the hummingbird app on your mobile device. To make a recurring reservation follow the steps below.


1. Tap the MAKE A RESERVATION button located at the bottom left-hand corner.

2. Tap the space that you wish to create a Recurring reservation for. 

3. Once space is selected tap the text at the top of the screen that says DOES NOT REPEAT.




4. Next, choose how often the meeting needs to reoccur.

5. Afterward, select how often the reservation needs to repeat.

6. Select the frequency of the selection.

7. Select a date the recurring reservation needs to end.

8. Once a selection is made tap the CHECK AVAILABILITY button at the bottom of the screen. 

9. Tap the Create A Reservation button. The recurring reservations will then be made and will show in the hummingbird mobile app as well as the reservation desktop module.




The recurring reservations can be canceled if needed. To cancel the recurring reservation follow the steps below.


1. Tap the SEE ALL button on the hummingbird home screen.

2. Afterward, tap the reservation that you wish to cancel.

3. Next, tap the cancel button. The option will then be shown to cancel for This Event or All Recurring Event. If This Event is chosen it will only cancel the selected event. If All Recurring Event is chosen it will cancel all of the recurring reservations.



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