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Touchless Visitor Check-in

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Touchless Visitor Check-in

To utilize the touchless visitor check-in the device must first be added. To add the device an administrator will need to add the device from the iOFFICE site, to do this do the following once logged in.


Accessing Visitor Devices page

1. Click the Admin button 

2. Choose Visitor

2. Select Devices




Adding Devices with New Secure Pairing

To add a device do the following steps below


1. Click +Add Device Add_Device.jpg at the upper-right hand corner.

2. Optional name the device by typing in the Device Name field.

3. Choose the appropriate center.

4. Enable touchless visitor by toggling Go Touchless to enabled.

5. A prompt to pair the device will then show, select the appropriate code.

6. Choose Allow, the device will then be paired.




Visitor Device Management

Device preferences can be changed via the 


Touchless Check-in


1. Scan the barcode from the device

2. Tap checking in

3. Type in email address or phone number

4. Fill in fields

5. Select visitor type

6. Type host name

7. Take picture

8. Write signature

mobile check in gif.gif

Note: The QR code refreshes every 10 minutes but each QR code is valid for 15 minutes. For example, if the QR code is scanned at 10 minutes then you would have 5 minutes to check-in before the QR code expires.


If you are interested in finding out more about how to activate this feature contact your Account Manager. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to

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